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Circular Economy: Designing for Bioregions

Cities are complex ecologies of intersecting natural systems and urban infrastructure. Environmental degradation has brought attention to the asymbiotic relationship between man-made and natural systems. A new economy is emerging where interdependence and environmental stewardship are valued. Designing for a circular economy requires consideration of human habitats not as towns or cities, but as bioregions. 

Brick Award 24 Honors International and Outstanding Brick Architecture

The Brick Award is an internationally established award that presents outstanding brick architecture from all around the world. Independent architecture critics, experts, architects and developers are invited to submit innovative and creative buildings and other construction works made of clay building materials. The spectrum of applications ranges from building solutions using classic clay blocks, facing bricks and roof tiles to the creative application of clay pavers and ceramic façade panels.

Architects’ registration boards in UK and US have reached an agreement that enables architects to benefit from a more straightforward process to get licensed in both countries. The Mutual Recognition Agreement results from a negotiation between the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) in the United States and its United Kingdom counterpart, the Architects Registration Board (ARB). 

This week, the two organizations announced that the agreement has been signed by both parties. It will become active on April 25, 2023, allowing architects to apply for reciprocal licensure in the US and the UK.

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